La Primera de las Mujeres Libres / The First of the Free Girls

Original FAD Fashion Film for ASVOFF MX 2014

Co-directed by Alexandra Velasco and Alexander Kahan

DP - Matias Penachino

Producer - Juan Sarquis

Producer - Ornella Cremasco

Styling - Nayeli de Alba

Music - Emilio Bassail

Starring Lorena Okhuysen and Martha Gonzalez

Socially Presentable Human Beings from Alexandra Velasco on Vimeo.

Socially Presentable Human Beings 2014

STRATUM SUBSTRATUM from Alexandra Velasco on Vimeo.

Stratum Substratum 2014

Video for NATALIE WOOD, an installation for the PROJECT ROOM at CASA MAAUAD in Mexico City. February 1st to February 15.

NATALIE WOOD is an installation that exists between the boundaries of seduction and discomfort, between the beautiful and the sinister. An audiovisual experience that uses Natalie Wood, the Hollywood actress who drowned at 43, as a platform to transform the room into a captivating nightmare.

Video by Alexandra Velasco
Music by Kris Berle, Alejandro Molinari, Max Kracer

Natalie Wood 2014

Runaway 2013