How has modern day transformed old rituals? How has our growing world knowledge affected our beliefs in magical performative actions?

An exploration of the non-physical connections between people, between artist and audience, between shaman and feeler.
Testing the influence of the non-tangible energy that surrounds and connects; is it more powerful than palpable human interactions?

In the contemporary world, there is still power in chants, wishes and/or rituals fueled by mental expression:

Ritual One:
Honey Jar Spell

Photo of person who you wish to enchant
25 Glass jars of honey
25 Red candles

Take the name/picture of the one you wish to enchant and simply place in the jar of honey or lavender. Seal the jar and place the red candle above, letting it burn completely so that the wax from the candle seals the jar.

Ritual Two:
Standing in the middle of rosewater pail, my assistants will lather me in oils while I repeat a chant

2,5 ml of jasmine oil
2,5 ml of vervain oil
2 z of rose petals
30 lbs of water

Photos and video by Laura Cartagena and Carolina Pimenta
Assistants: Jennifer Reiland and Pedro Rezende